Part two begins with Gillian coming to pick up Ida from Floyd and Addie. It is clear that there are still un-resolved feelings between the two, however they say nothing. Kendra begins to do everything she can to get Andre out of his funk. She tells him it's what Ilyse would want, only to have him lash out at her and storm off. Guy then tells his mother his intentions to move out, she tells him no.

It is revealed that Gladys's new husband is Beck Lillian, Paula's son. He has adopted Reed and Regan as his own sons and it is clear the drastic age difference doesn't bother either party. However, it is revealed that Paula and Gladys had a falling out due to her and Beck marrying. Gregg and Max find it difficult now raising four kids on their own. Neve tries her best to help.

Derek and Wendy are still in marital bliss. Wendy did not adopt Alton but they share a mother and son bond. However, when Wendy suggests that maybe she and derek should have one more child before it becomes too late, Alton expresses his dis-interest. Floyd notices that Gillian is acting almost comatose and waonders what is wrong. Then two old faces return to town, Kline and Karina Urschel.

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