The finale opens with Ilyse talking to Andre and telling him that kendra was never any good for him and that she is a terrible person, after all she ran out on her wedding to Eli and almost cheated on Andre, with her half-brother. Kendra then walks in, tells Ilyse off and drags Andre with her to talk about the status of their marriage. Wendy tells Derek that she would like to adopt Alton if it would make him feel better.

Gladys thinks the might need a change and considers leaving Ribbon heights with Reed and regan to be with Rupert, Marnie and Tricia. Paula is hearbroken as Arsenio succumbs to his illness and dies. She inherits the vast majority of his fortune, Charis then calls her a gold digger and says she deserves none of it. she then tells her she plans to get legal about the issue.

Gregg invites Ron, Cam and the kids along with Reno and Bernard over for a BBQ. He then locks the doors and gates and demands answers from everybody about who Ron is and what he did wrong. Reno breaks down and cries as Bernard explains. When Ron was born he recieves an unnaturla trait that causes him to act very dark sometimes. He recieveed the Evil trait. Bernard then remarks that it looks like Ron has recovered from it.

Cam, then breaks into the discussion and tells them it's all a lie. Ron is as evil as ever and forced her to marry him and have his children after she refused, he killed her sister Jennifer. After her sister's death Cam married Ron for her families safety. Ron, in a fit of rage, lunges at Cam but is stopped by Gregg. Ron then goes to the grill and sets a fire in the backyard trapping them all in a firey blaze.

Set 9, will take place two years later, as the friends enter their elder years and their children become the next generation. The answer to all the cliff-hangers will be revealed, like: who survived the backyard blaze and who didn't?

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