Part nine begins with Arsenio becoming bedridden. His ilness has begun to bet the best of him and Paula fears she might lose yet another husband. Charis is also devestaed abd blames Paula for her father's sickness. Derek has a chat with Alton and tell him that yes, he was not planned. But he did love Esther and he is glad Alton is in his life. He then tells him that he loves him, Marlo and Wendy all the same.

Kendra ignores calls from Andre, fearing he will ask her for a divorce. She then talks to Floyd and asks why she should do. He tells her to face her husband, but shouls she be taking advice from a man whose intern has the hots for him? Kendra notices Addie's infatuation for her brother and asks him how Gillian is doing. He tells her that she is doing better. Kendra then goes to see her husband.

Gregg can't believe his eyes when he goes and sees his parents over at Ron's playing with their other grand-children. He knows Ron is not whom he claims to be and plans to prove it. Gladys begins to enjoy her new single life and raising her boys. However, it is clear it is all a facade and she misses begin in love. She looks over at a picture of her true love, Kelvin, and begins to sob.

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