Part eight begins with Gladys and Wilbur sitting down and having a discussion. She tells him that she still loves but, that she thinks she won't be able to cope with another divorce and that she wants nothing more to do with him, since he denounced Reed and Regan as his sons. Wilbur then leaves and Gladys moves on. Wendy tries to talk to Alton and tells him that she loves him like her own son, he refuses her.

Paula and Arsenio give Reed and Regan back to Gladys at her request. Paula says the timing was perfect as she thinks Arsenio is coming down with a cold. Gregg then goes to see his parents once again and this time demands answers. Reno is on the wrge of telling him, when Bernard stops her. They tell him that he need not owrry as they think Ron has overcome his problem.

Floyd then has an afterhours dinner with Addie, at her request. She the puts the moves on him. Floyd actually allows her to. However, when she leans in for a kiss, he rejects her and goes home. But second guesses himself. Kendra tries to appologize to Andre and make things right, he refuses. Kendra then decides that Ilyse is the problem and she needs to fix it... but how?

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