Part seven opens with Gregg still confused as to how the prior evening could have gone so well. He continues to wonder what his brother is hiding. Paula and Arsenio quickly feels Gladys;s pain when they try to care for Regan and Reed. Charis loves seeing her new step-mother flunder into failure. At City Hall Addie quickly begins flirting with Floyd, though her attempts to woo him go un-noticed.

Derek and Wendy begin their lives as a family with Marlo and Alton. It is clear that Alton is jealous of his new half-sister and is beginning to show dis-respect to Wendy. Derek corrects him but is in a difficult spot when he accuses him of never really wanted him or his mother, Esther, in the first place. Gladys get back on track and gets some much needed R and R. She then runs into her ex-husband, but which one?

Andre confronts Kendra about the night she almost kissed Floyd. Kendra says it was a moment of weakness and it was due to his mother. Andre then tells her to leave Ilyse out of it. He tells her it was a mistake to re-marry and that they should separate, this time with her moving out. It is then revealed that Gladys ran into Wilbur. They had a chat and he tells he would like to see if they can't make things work.

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