Part six begins with everyone welcoming Wendy and Derek's newborn daughter, Marlo, to the neighborhood. However, derek quickly notices a distince jealousy in Alton. Paula goes to see Gladys and discovers her house in disarray and messy. She enters and finds a broken down Gladys and two abies screaming. Paula takes care of the boys and then rushes to Gladys's aide.

Paula says that she and Arsenio can watch the boys for a while whil she gets her bearings. Gladys agrees. Floyd welcomes a new staffer to his administration, Addie van Wyck. It is obvious that she is attracted to Floyd, though he is oblivious. Kendra and Floyd's relationship becomes akward as they no longer know how to act around each other now that they know they are related.

Andre goes to see Ruth and get answers. He asks her why she decided upon telling Kendra and Floyd. Ruth reveals to him that she had to as she saw them leaning in for a kiss. Andre then leaves upset and Ruth calls Kendra to tell her the news. Gregg, along with Max invite Ron, his family and their parents to dinner. Gregg acts bizarre all evening trying to trigger one of Ron's outbursts. His plan fails and the evening goes smoothly, to Gregg's disappointment.

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