Part four begins with Ruth explaining the whole Floyd/Kendra related fiasco. Years ago Ruth and Jack divorced because he was un-faithful... with Norma. This resulted in Norma's pregnancy and Ruth and Jack's failed marriage. Kendra is slightly older than Floyd but only by days. She states that this is why Floyd never knew his father. They decided to keep it a secret.

Kendra remarks that this is why Norma and Ruth always had such a coy relationship. With this realization Kendra realizes that Floyd is also Elsie's brother. She then drags Ruth along with her to break the news to Floyd, who is shocked that he did know his father, but never got to truly bond with him. They then tell Elsie who s excited to have a brother. What about Agnes?

Gregg then tells his parents about how he saw Ron being violnet towards Cam. They tell him that Ron is dangerous and that he needs to go away and that he has done horrible things. Gregg then becomes scared but is persistent to find out what. Paula asks Wendy to be a board memeber for the social club, Wendy coldly refuses. Floyd arrives home to tell Gillian about Kendra. He arrives just in time to see his house in flames!

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