Part three opens the following day. Floyd tries to talk to Kendra about their ruined moment. Kendra pretends like it never happened. She is suspicious about her mother's reaction in the matter and goes to see her. Ruth reveals that she and Eli returned from their trip early. Kendra inquires about her mother's sudden disdain for Floyd. Ruth jusyt tells Kendra that she and Floyd can NEVER happen, and besides she is married to Andre.

Paula senses Wendy's tension towards her and calls her out on it. Wendy states that she only invited Paula to her shower because she felt obligated. She then states that there was no need for her to flaunt her new marriage in front of eveyone on what was supposed to be her day. Paula appologizes and they two come to a slight resolution. Paula then asks Wendy for tips on how to be a good step-mother.

Gregg then goes to see his brother, he witnesses Ron shove Cam, his wife. Gregg then comes to Cam's aide and asks what Ron is doing, he simply storms off. gregg then asks Cam what happened and she just walks away. Gladys swears off dating and begins to riase her sons. Derek spends the day with Alton. Kendra then goes to her mother and demands an explanation as to why she and Floyd could NEVER happen. Ruth painfully reveals to kendra that Floyd is her brother!

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