Part two opens with Wendy Siddle's baby shower. Gladys is coming to grips with her third divorce and taking an active interest in Regan and Reed's lives. Kendra arrives upset and distressed with Elsie's emotional shutdown from her hreak-up with Beck and dealing with Ilyse. Gillian attends but leaves shortly after arriving out of fear of losing control. Paula then arrives with suprising news, she and Arsenio are married!

Wendy, who has just recently met Paula, becomes upset with her for upstaging her at her baby shower. Gregg and Max investigate Ron and his parents and Ron's past with the family. Gregg continues to pester his brother and parents while Max takes Cam out for lunch and badgers her with question. Both turn up with nothing. And Max suggestes they just let sleeping dogs lie, Gregg says otherwise.

Rupert then says goodbye to his mother and leaves to be with Marnie and Tricia. Floyd hears about Gillian and the baby shower and decides to go for a walk. He runs into Kendra along the way who also needed some air from Ilyse and Elsie. The two then chat and catch up. Kendra says how she is getting mad about how easily Andre gives into his mother. It then appears the two are about to share a tender moment, until Ruth intervenes at the last minute.

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