The premiere begins one month after the end of set 7. Wendy and derek announce that they are expecting a baby. The town is overjoyed. Floyd and Gillian's marriage has become severely strained with her discovery that she like her mother has the insaen trait. Floyd wishes for her to continue on with her regular life instead of waititng around for the trait to manifest itself. Ilyse finds her way back into Kendra and Andre's lives. She states that she needs a place to stay until she finds a permanent place in town. She states that she desires to be closer to her grand-children. Kendra sees right through her excuse and becomes suspicious of Ilyse. Gladys has sunk into a deep depression as she and Wilbur have divorced over the whole baby fiasco. Making her an older mother of two infant twin boys.

Gregg's brother, Ron, along with his wife, Cam, and their three children, Carlton, Cari and Cain arrives in town. They quickly find a house and buy it. gregg tries to get to know his brother and spends alot of time with him and his newly discoverd niece and nephews. When his parents learn that Ron is back Bernard and Reno (who reconciled) come to town. Paula and Arsenio are now living together along with their children. Beck and Elsie have split up, devestating her also causing an additional problem for Kendra. Arsenio seems to get along with the kids but Charis continues to hate Paula. It is revealed that Marnie along with Tricia have left town. Rupert will be joining them after helping Gladys through her divorce.

Floyd, sick of Gillian's moping, tells her to get over it or get out. Gillian then yells at Floyd and starts a fire in their house almost killg them. They all survive, Floyd then embraces Gillian as her insane trait begins to emerge in their lives. They vow to beat it. Gladys is glad for Ruperts emotional support but tells him to go to Marnie, who she then reveals to be Rupert's wife, and she will begin raising Reed and Regan on her own. Bernard and Reno then confront Gregg about bringing Ron to town. And tell them he left their lives for a reason. Gregg then enlists the help of Max to find out what his parents are talking about. Derek and wendy then recieve word from Ivan and Halegih who gleefully tell them they have married.

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