The finale continues with the opening of Oona and Derek's wedding. Just as Oona approches Derek in her dress, he tells her everything and that he cannot marry her. Just then, Wendy, appears. Oona leaves in tears and upset. Derek is angry with Wendy for what she has done. She appologizes and they reunite, this time for good. They decide to renew their vows and begins their married life.

At the reception Ivan wishes his sister and brother-in-law well as he leaves town. Alton is happy to see Wendy again. Gregg discovers that his brother's name is Ron. Haleigh gives Paula and Arsenio her blessing and wishes them well. She says she wanted to see if she could make her and Arsenio work again but when she saw him and Paula together she knew they were in love.

Floyd tells Gillian that he loves her and will help her through this rough patch in her life. He tells her thay have been through too much to let this stop them. Wendy then tells Derek that she would like it for them to have a baby. Derek is elated and agrees. Gladys then succumbs to the guilt and tells Wilbur everything about the fake pregnancy and the adoption.

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