Part eight begins with Derek and Oona's rehersal dinner. It goes well. Pearl then pulls Derek aside and asks how he is doing. He tells her all right. Pearl knows Derek is lying and hiding something, she enlists Kendra's help in finding out what. On the surface Gladys and Wilbur's marriage appears to be saved. However, the guilt Gladys is going through seems to be "killing" her. She attempts to confess to Wilbur, but Rupert stops her.

Gregg tries to get his bickering parents to make peace, to no avail. Reno claims that Bernard is always analyzing her and is in-tolerant. Then all three of them get into a heated argument ending with Reno telling Gregg that he has a brother that she and Bernard lost to a social worker before he was born. gregg then leaves infuriated and confused.

Ivan tries to win Haleigh back she tells him that she did love him, along time ago and that it is over and after Derek's wedding she is leaving and going to try and make things work with her ex-husband. Paula looks into Arsenio's past and discovers that his ex-wife is some one she knows and is in town. Rupert tells his mother that unless she is willing to endure a divorce to keep Regan and Reed being adopted a secret.

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