Part seven opens with Oona asking Gillian, Kendra and Paula to be her bridesmaids. They all accept, with Paula being maid of honor. Derek of course asks Floyd, Gregg and Andre to be his groomsmen. Derek then reveals to Floyd and Gregg that has not technicallt divorced Wendy yet. Floyd tells him he have to if he wants his marriage to Oona to be valid. Gregg tries to convince Derek that it's a sign he's making a mistake.

Wilbur returns from out of town and embraces, who he believes, to be his twin sons. He quickly begins to notice that neither boy looks like him or Gladys. She tells him that it's because they are simply infants. Rupert becomes suspicious about the parentage of his new brothers. Ruth and Eli leave for a trip around the world together. Kendra and Eli have finally ended their tensionous relationship. She then embraces Andre.

Floyd confronts Gillian about the man he saw her with. She tearfully admits that she has learned that like her mother, she too has the insane trait. She then tells Floyd that she is afraid she will harm him or Ida. And blames the trait for her failed marriage to Raj. Floyd comforts her and tells her he doesn't care. Gregg, still shocked about his parents, leaves to see if he can repair their marriage... again.

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