Part six begins with everyone sharing and being excited for the birth of Tricia Siddle-Urschel. Gladys lays low until she recieve sher adopted baby. The following day she recieves an additional suprise. She gets twins. She names the boys Reed and Regan. Kendra, Gillian and Paula then help her with the story she creates as to when she gave birth and how it all went down. The twon is overjoyed with all the new life.

Paula's relationship with Arsenio continues to intensify. She then asks him again what happened to his previous wife. Arsenio becomes upset but tells Paula a little about the story. He reveals that he wasn un-faithful and his wife discovered the affair and they divorced. Paula is then slightly relieved but then worries if Arsenio will do the same to her. Floyd then begins followng Gillian, he then spots her with an un-known sim.

Kendra then confronts Eli about his relationship with her mother and asks if he only did it to get to her. He reveals that at first he did, yes. However, he has truly fallen in love with Ruth. Kendra and Eli then share a kiss. Realizing there is nothing between them and never was Kendra leaves happy and returns home to Andre. Ivan professes his love to Haleigh, who rejects him. Gregg then recieves shocking news when his parents announce their divorce.

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