Part four begins with Gladys gaining serious weight to make it appear that she is pregnant for Wilbur who is elated at becoming a father. When Rupert hears this he is shocked and criticizes that his half-brother or sister will be younger that his/her niece or nephew since Marnie is "farther along" than Gladys. The women then throw a bridal shower for Oona at the club. Kendra however, remains suspicious that Derek is keeping something from Oona and leaves early to speak to him. When she gets a hold of him, she demands to know what he is hiding. Derek, in a state of panic, lies and tells her that he is worried because Alton doesn't like Oona. Kendra, relieved then leaves and offers Derek a little advice.

Floyd and Gillian work past a snag in their marriage after he finds out that Gillian took ida to see Cybill. He tells her that she should see her grand-mother but just not too often and he wishes to be present. Gillian agrees and the two make up. Arsenio then introduces Paula to his two children. He like her has an older son and a younger daughter. Paula then meets Arsenio's young adult son, Armand, and his teenage daughter, Charis. Charis takes an immediate dis-liking to Paula and it is revealed that Charis and Elsie Copper do not get along at school. Paula tries to make the ebst of the situation but is amazed at the lack of control Arsenio has over his children.

Kendra and Gillian then pull Gladys aside and ask her about her sudden gain in weight. She tells them everything and how she fears that she can not endure yet another divorce. The girls promise to keep her secret and help her formulate a plan. They decide that Gladys will continue to look and act pregnant as as the time for brith gets closer Gillian will have Floyd send Wilbur out of town, missing the "birth." then they will help Gladys lose the weight and adopt an infant, claiming it to be her and Wilbur's. Derek's cousin, Haleigh, arrives in town and is shocked when she sees Ivan who is then revealed to be her ex-fiancee.

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