Part three begins with Paula and Arsenio having a romantic dinner. The evening goes sour however, when Paula asks Arsenio about his wife or ex-wife and what happened to her. He shits her out and becomes bitter for the remainder of the evening. Now that Andre and Eli are best friends again Eli, Kendra's ex-fiance and new step-father, begins spending alot more time at their home which freaks and bothers Kendra. She talks to Andre about it but he criticizes her as she was the one who left him at the altar, not him. She then makes Andre leave and they begin another feud. Eli tries to talk to and reason with his step-daughter, ex-fiancee, but to no avail.

Darla begins coming over to Gregg and Max's very often and sometimes un-announced. She then tells them that she wants to take Neve out for a night just the two of them. Max hurrys to say no but Gregg says it would be all right as long as Ivan was there and watched her. Darla is a little upset but agrees to the terms and has a night out with Ivan and Neve. Derek is upset and embarassed about Oona announcing their engagement, none the less she begins planning for their wedding. Paula gets involved and it all becomes so real to Derek he then realizes that he has yet to actually divorce Wendy. Derek then runs into an elderly woman, Pearl, in town who says she has been looking for him. They have lunch and she reveals that she is his aunt, whom he has never met.

Gladys and Wilbur's continues to deteriorate with a pregnant Marnie and Rupert in their house. Wilbur soon becomes angry and just as he is about to confront Gladys she announces that she is also pregnant, a lie. Wilbur's anger then dissepates and he embraces her. She then wonders how she will pull the whole thing off. Derek's aunt reveals that she is his mother, Hester's, sister. She tells him that she and Steven never got along and that she blamed him for Hester's death. Pearl has a daughter, Derek's cousin, Haleigh who is his age. Derek wishes to meet her and asks his aunt to stay in town she agrees and calls her daughter. Andre and Kendra then have a heart to heart and reconcile.

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