Part two begins with Ruth, Eli, Kendra and Andre all having lunch together. Kendra is still devestated over the whole thing. Andre and Eli are still awkward around each other since Kendra and Eli's failed wedding. However, they all act civil for Ruth's benefit. Oona wishes to announce her a Derek's engagement, but Derek wants to keep it under the covers a while longer as he fears Oona will discover that he is still technically married to Wendy. Darla gets to see and be around Neve for the first time since she gave birth to her. Gregg and Max are happy but still hesitant about the decision. Gillian then takes Ida to see her grand-mother, Cybill, behind Floyd's back.

Gladys, Wilbur, Derek and Floyd are still in utter shock when Marnie announced her pregnancy. When they asked if she and Rupert will be getting married they respond with a half-hearted "I don't know" Rupert then asks Gladys if Marnie can move in with them. She is ready to say no but some how says yes and allows the two to live with her and Wilbur, hoping that by doing so her marriage will re-stabilize. Arsenio continues in his pursuit of Paula, despite her protests. He tells her that you only live once and unless she wishes to spend her remaining time alone, she should say yes to his date proposal. Paula accepts, hoping to discover what happened to his wife.

Days later Ruth and Eli's wedding day arrives. Kendra is disgusted by the whole event, but her aunt Elsa tells her that Ruth hasn't been this happy since the day she married Jack. Kendra then becomes happy for her mother. Ruth and Eli then marry. Eli and Andre then decide to make up. Ivan and Darla continue to date and he tells her that he loves her. He is upset when Darla does not reciprocate his live. Oona then decides to use the reception to announce her and Derek's engagement, everyone is shocked and Kendra pulls Derek aside and asks if he and Wendy divorced, he continues his lie and tells her yes. Having a pregnant Marnie in the house only seems to upset Wilbur making Gladys fear that he will leave her.

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