The premiere begins with Gladys and Wilbur arguing over what to do. He states he would like to move away as he finds that Ribbon Heights as too much drama. Gladsy says that she leves him dearly but likes being around her friends and son. Derek decides to take his relationship with Oona to the next level and he plans on taking her out to a lovely dinner and proposing (even though he is still technically married to Wendy). Floyd and Gillian along with Ida return from their honeymoon/vacation. Now a family they begin their happy life. Until Gillian recieves a call from Cybill, who says she wishes to meet her grand-daughter. Paula has begun a flirtatious relationship with Arsenio, but she wonders what has happened to his former partner.

Gregg and Max visit Darla and allow her to be involved in Neve's life as she could use a female role model/mother figure. So long as they are present and no more kidnapping occurs. Derek then takes Oona out for the romantic dinner and pops the question, she instantly says yes. She then asks Derek that he will be divorcing Wendy, he then lies and says he already has. Ivan is heartbroken when he hears of Derek and Oona's engagement and struggle's with telling Wendy. He then learns that Gregg, Max and Darla are now on good terms and resumes his relationship with her and is suddenly happy again. Gladys and Wilbur decide to remain in Ribbon Heights for a while longer.

Gillian proposes the idea of letting Cybill meet Ida to Floyd who instantly rejects it and fears for his daughter and wife's safety. Paula finds the demands of being a socialite difficult and struggles to keep up with Arsenio who is constantly throwing elaborate parties at the club. He then asks her out. Paula is shocked and turns him down saying it is too soon. Kendra then recieves shocking news when she learns that her mother Ruth is re-marrying, to Eli! Kendra, along with Andre are shocked. Ruth tells her that it is a shock but that she is happy and wishes that they could be happy for them. Kendra remains upset that her ex-fiance is now going to be her step-father. Rupert and Marnie then announce that she is pregnant!

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