The finale opens with the pre-wedding of Gillian and Floyd. Paula makes sure everything is in place for the ceremony. Gladys is hesitant about announcing her and Wilbur's plans to move. Kendra then begins to feel sick, wondering if she could be pregnant again. Derek talks to Alton who tells him that he doesn't like Oona and misses Esther, his mommy. Derek tells him that Esther is gone and that Oona isn't his new mommy, yet at least.

Gregg and Max continue to discourage Ivan from adopting a child solely to make himself feel better. Ivan comes to his senses and decides not to adopt. Kendra discovers that she is not pregnant just sick. She gets better in time for the ceremony. The wedding goes flawlessly and Floyd and Gillian finally marry (about time). Paula meets a new love interst named Arsenio Onasiser, who has two kids of his own.

Floyd and Gillian Rebuff leave for their honeymoon, with Ida. Derek calls Wendy and asks if she will ever come back and if not he is going to fully move on with Oona. He is shocked when he learns that Wendy is also seeing someone names Oreck Shile. He then hangs up and dances with Oona. Wilbur then announces his and Gladys plans to move and she tells him she doesn't want to leave, leaving the status of their relationship in question...

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