Part nine begins with the Ribbon Heights Social Club opening it's doors. Paula serves as chair person and becomes well known through the neighborhood. Floyd considers bringing her on his staff with her social crass. Kendra is shocked when Elsie confides in her that she loves Back, after only dating for a week. Gillian and Floyd prepare for their up-coming wedding and have a rehersal dinner.

Oona then tells Derek she wants more out of their relationship and asks if she could live with him and Alton, he quickly agrees. Oona is treated coldly by the other women, except Paula, as they prefer to see Derek with Wendy. Ivan decides that his life needs new meaning and announces his plans to adopt a child. Gregg and max then tell him not to adopt out of desperation and that the process is hard.

The rehersal dinner goes perfectly and Gillian and Floyd seem perfectly happy. Gladys arrives home to Wilbur who proposes the idea of moving to a remote island paradise. Gladys is hesitant but tells him yes. Oona moves in with Derek but quickly finds that Alton is not too happy with the idea. Floyd then recieves shocking news when he learns that Gillian invited her psychotic mother to their wedding...

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