Part eight opens with Gladys and Wilbur taking a walk and flaunting their new found love for each other. Paula then holds a luncheon for all the ladies (Kendra, Gillian, Gladys and even Oona) she tells them that she is opening a "social club" and would their help in doing so. Kendra backs out as she is too exhausted watching Elsie and Guy and Gal all the time. Oona says she can't work two jobs and needs to get back to the shop. Gillian says she has too much going on with the wedding and Gladys agrees.

Derek still struggles to come to terms with his love for both Oona and Wendy. Floyd begins to suffer serious stress what with being Mayor. Paula then manipulates reasons to allow the other women to join her club idea. Suddenly Elsie has a new interest, she is dating Beck and Kendra doesn't need to watch her and Guy watches his sister. She gets Oona fired at the shop and stilloffers her job at the club, she accepts. She then confirms all the appointments for Gillian's wedding for her, giving her time.

Gregg and Max wonder if they did the right thing not letting Neve have a relationshhip with her biological mother. Ivan then becomes attracted to Marnie, even though she's seeing Rupert. He flirts with her and she coldly rejects his advances sunking his mood. Gladys finds a kindred spirit in Paula and asks her about her husband, Paula tells her her husband wasn't a great man or husband but she loved him dearly. They then purchase a building for their club. Gillian then changes her plans and wishes to have the wedding at the club.

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