Part seven begins with Maci and Jonah telling Max and Gregg that they are still on the run and need a place to stay, Max allows them to stay, to Gregg's chargin. Once again, Elsie's behavior becomes out of control and Kendra and Andre must now juggle two teenagers, Elsie and Guy, while dealing with the toddlar Gal. When Ivan learsn of Derek and oona's relationship he becomes upset and confronts Derek. He tells Derek that ever since they were kids he knew that he and Wendy always loved each other. Derek tells Ivan that he knows he will always love Wendy but he can't wait forever. He then continues with his relationship with Oona. Gillian enjoys her time as Ribbon Height's First Lady but Floyd becomes ouraged at their wedding plans and their extravagence.

Gregg then goes and tells Floyd that Jonah and Maci are here and in town. Floyd's inital response is to have them arrested but haults when he learns that they are staying with Gregg and Max as he doesn't want them to be arrested, for aiding and a bedding. A new resident arrives in town, Paula Lillian. Paula is a widow with two children. she has a teenage son named Beck and a child age daughter named Billie. Her husband has just passed away and she seeks a new beginning. Paula is very elegant and quckly climbs the social ladder.

Floyd then tells Gillian how he wishes for their wedding to be smaller and not such an event. Gillian then agrees and a date is set and the guest list is reduced. Paula quickly becomes acquainted with the friends (joining the main cast) but it is clear that she is still devestated over her husbands passing. Jonah and Maci then leave town. Kendra then tells Elsie to settle down or she'll send her back to Agnes.

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