Part five begins with the funeral of May Haller-Urschel. It is understood that she, along with the baby died from the starvation he endured to look good on TV. Kline is devestated at the loss of his wife and second child. However, his rank in the polls sky-rockets. All the friends attend May's funeral and it appears a dark cloud of death is hanging over Ribbon Heights.

Gladys and Wilbur, with their wedding ruined, decide to have a private wedding in their backyard with only Rupert present. Floyd continues to campaign but goes easy on Kline due to May's death. Gillian shoes extreme remorce from the way she and May acted near the end. Ilyse continues to boss Kendra around and criticize her, until Andre stands up for his wife. Ilyse then tells Andre she is leaving and that she is sorry.

Derek and Oona ease their way into dating and he lets her meet Alton. kline then sinks into a deep depression and pulls out of the mayoral race. Floyd then becomes the new Mayor of Ribbon Heights. However, now that he has won he asks Gillian if they should still rush into marriage, again, upsetting her. Kline then takes Karina and leaves town, for good.

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