Part four begins with the rehersal dinner of Gladys and Wilbur. Kendra, May and Gillian serve as bridesmaids. The dinner goes flawlessly and Rupert considers asking Marnie to marry him. He talks to her about the idea, but she says they are too young at this point. He agrees. Andre has a fight with Kendra over Ruth always fighting with Ilyse and then Kendra yells at Andre for letting his mother walk all over their family.

Derek goes back to the coffee shop and appologizes to Oona. She accepts and he tells her why he bolted. She understands and says that during a separation one is allowed to see others and that they can ease their way into it. Derek becomes happy and agrees. Floyd and Gillian's engagement becomes a speculative point in the media and is labeled as a "stunt" to regain his polls.

Ivan and Kendra catch up when he runs into her at the park where she is letting Guy, play. He reveals that his ex-faincee had two kids and he grew to love them and that he misses them very much. Then Gladys and Wilbur's wedding day arrives. The ceremony begins but before Gladys and Wilbur can say their "I Do's" May faints...

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