Part three begins with Kline and Floyd arguing at city hall and a protest ensuing. Norma's death is clearly ruling in Floyd's favor. That is, until May and Kline announce her pregnancy. With a pregnant wife Kline quickly regains his status in the polls as a family man and Floyd and Gillian's relationship becomes the point of much speculation, again. Kendra and Andre, along with the kids return from their vacation, relaxed. Andre's mother, Ilyse, then shows up and tells them that she will be staying with them for a while. Kendra is upset at how easily Andre gives in to Ilyse's demands. Derek is heartbroken over he and Wendy's separation but tries to get out there again. Ivan learns about Darla's dealing with Gregg and Max and dumps her, choosing his friends.

Gladys and Wilbur continue with wedding plans and Gladys becomes emotional and begins having second thoughts, especially when she thinks about what happened to Kelvin years ago. Rupert re-assures his mother that Basil can't hurt her anymore. Ilyse quickly becomes a thorn in Kendra's side and Kendra calls for back up, her mother Ruth. Ruth and Ilyse quickly clash over everything, but this distracts Ilyse from Kendra. Gregg and Max are happy to hear that Ivan left Darla. However, she continues to pursue Neve and get her back. Realizing that he might lose the election unless something drastic is done, Floyd asks Gillian to marry him. She accepts and promises this time that they WILL marry.

Derek then runs into May and the two catch up. They gain closure on their hostile relationship which ended years ago. May then asks who he is voting for, to her suprise he announces he isn't voting because ha can't choose. Derek then has a cup of coffee in town and tries to think about his life. He then becomes instantly infatuated with his waitress, Oona Kluck. They whind up engaging in a conversation that lasts all afternoon. However, their pleasant chat ends quickly when Derek then thinks of Wendy and runs off. May quickly remembers what she hated about pregnancy, the weight. She begins to stop eating in order to look good for the cameras. Rupert and Marnie then age into young adults.

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