The premiere opens with Derek revealing that the phone call was about Esther and that she has died, of what is unknown. He then recieves full custody of Alton and begins to think about his relationship with Wendy. Just then Wendy's younger brother, Ivan, returns to town. He tells Derek that she just needs some time but that she loves him with all her heart. Ivan reveals he just broke up with his fiancee and is in town to stay.

Kendra and Andre have their hands full with Guy and Gal. May and Gillian soon find themselves pitted against each other as their resected others battle for the mayor's office. May and Kline criticize that Floyd and Gillian are not married and have a bastard child. Gillian threatens to reveal May's secret about Jonah, to the town if she doesn't convince Kline to back out. Floyd trie to run an honest campaign and has no idea of May and Gillian's back dealings.

Gregg and Max are now reconciled and happy. Max hears that Maci and Jonah are happy and in love, in hiding. However, another snag in their lives is hit when a sim, Darla Arbor, comes to their doorstep and reveals that she is Neve's mother and that she want her back. Gladys has begun dating Wilbur and is getting comfortable with him again. The polls quickly fall in Kline's favor, until tragedy strikes Floyd.

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