Part ten opens with the wedding of Maci and Jonah. Max is shocked when Maci actually goes through with the wedding and actually marries Jonah. Gladys, May and Kendra then become very confused and at the reception demand answers from Jonah and Maci. Jonah then tells them that during the five year leap, he began an affair with Wendy. He was still married to his now late wife. He was a low-rank politicial who began doing deal with criminals, like Maci.

However, when they discovered that he was planning on taking the money he made from the land sales and leaving town they torched his home while his wife was inside, killing her. Wendy thought Jonah did it so he could be with her, causing her to leave. Jonah reveals that he did the same thing in Ribbon Heights. Maci then reveals that she was hired by her boss to get close to Jonah and ensure he didn't skip town with the money this time. However, she actually fell in love with him.

Jonah and Maci then flee Ribbon Heights together, before the police can get them. Derek informs his friends that Esther has taken Alton and left town. He then recieves a shocking phone call. Gregg and Max reconcile and get back together. Gladys then meets someone at the wedding, Wilbur Kell. Now with a vacant seat in the Mayor's office Floyd decides to run... so does Kline.

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