Part nine begins with Kendra, May and Gladys going to talk to Max about Maci and Jonah's impending nuptuals. They tell him that Jonah was married but his wife died suddenly and mysteriously. Max, like Maci, is not phased by this information and tell them that his sister is a con-man and she won't actually marry Jonah but take all his money and leave. The girls then leave, now more curious than ever.

Derek and Esther grow close again. However, she becomes upset when he tells Esther that he will not divorce Wendy unless she asks for one because he loves her. Esther once again threatens to take Alton away from Derek if he doesn't choose her over Wendy. Floyd and Gillian once again struggle witht he idea of getting re-engaged. They both would like to become a family but cinsidering their history they decide to hold off for a while longer.

Kendra calls Wendy and asks if she will ever come back to town, Wendy responds with and I don't know. May and Gladys then check into Jonah's business dealing and discover something revolting. Gregg and Oliver continue dating as does Max and his new boyfriend. Neve then becomes caught in the middle and when Oliver suggests that Gregg and Max split up, they decide they don't want to.

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