Part eight picks up whre seven left off. Derek is devestated over Wendy taking time off from their extremely short marriage. May then pumps Jonah fr answers as to why he is nervous around Wendy and his sudden move to the town where she was born and raised. Jonah simply tells her that he and Wendy did date, but he still loves her. May doesn't believe him. Meanwhile Kendra and Gladys try to get what they can out of Maci, nothing.

It appears that Gregg and Max are done with each other as they have both begun dating other people. However, Neve ties them together. Floyd then goes to see Gregg to make ammends and the two repair their friendship. Derek then begins to spend more time with his ex now that Wendy is gone. Gillian and Floyd recieve bad news as Raj returns to town and demands the truth from Gillian. She tells him and he leaves, devestated.

When May, Kendra and Gladys hear that Wendy has left town they believe that it is partly due to Jonah. They then begin to probe Jonah's arrival and Wendy's departure. Through diggin and diggin they discover that Jonah was once married but his wife died, mysteriously. They then warn Maci, who does not seem phased by the infrmation, making them more curious.

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