Part six opens with Wendy telling her parents that she has married Derek. They quickly show their resentment for Derek, despite knowing him since childhood. They become even more angry when they learn that Derek is divorced and has a son. Gregg has made a concious decision to explore during his and Max's separation and begins to date Oliver. Gladys then recieves a suprising visitor at her door, her name is Pepper Ruster, Blane's wife!

Kendra and Andre acclimate themselves to raising an infant again while trying to give Guy the attention he requires. Gillian becomes annoyed with Norma as she is constantly over to see and play with Ida. Floyd talks to his mother who takes offense to this and storms off, upset. Derek does what he can to get back in Frederick and Abbigail's good graces, to no avail. They then demand that Wendy divorce Derek or else they will disown her.

May and Kline return from their second honeymoon, reconciled. However, May remains curious about what Jonah is hiding from her and the rest of Ribbon Heights, and why is it that whenever he is around Wendy they both seem... awkward. Gladys breaks up with Blane when he learns that he is married. He says he and wife have ben separated, but she dumps him anyway. Max then sees Gregg and Oliver while he is out taking Neve for a walk.

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