Part five begins with everyone celebrating the birth of Gal Sharp, Kendr and Andre's daughter and Guy's sister. Wendy is then visibly upset as she is the only one who is not a parent. Derek wishes to make her happy and after a split second he asks her to marry him, which she gleefully accepts. Gregg and Floyd are still not talking as Floyd wishes to tell Jonah about Maci. Gladys and Blane continue to fall deeper and deeper in love with each other. Gregg tries to win Max back, but he tells him he needs more time to think about things. After everyone leaves the hospital they rush back inside as Gillian goes into labor. She gives birth to a daughter who she names Ida.

A startling discovery is then made. Raj is not the father of Ida, Floyd is. They had engaged in a short lived affair right before the fifth set opened resulting in the pregnancy. Upon discovering this Gillian calls Raj and divorces him. Floyd is shooken by the news that he is now a father. He and Gillian then decide to begin seeing each other again. She then tells him to come live with her so he can be there for Ida. Norma is super exstatic when she hears that she is a grand-mother and Marnie is excited to be an aunt. Kendra then notices that more and more land in town is being sold off to shady businesses. May tells Kline of her affair. He is devestated but to May's amazement confesses that he had also engage din an affair, which is over with a sim named, Lola Snide. They then argue about the status of their marriage.

May and Kline decide to remain married and raise Karina. They decide to take a second honeymoon to fix things. Derek and Wendy begin maing wedding plans when they decide to throw out all the cost and elope. Gregg then meets Oliver Sure, who begins to flirt with him and Gregg finds himself in a compromising and tempting situation. Derek and Wendy return from eloping. However, they must explain themselves when Wendy's conservative parents, Frederick and Abbigail pay a visit to town. Esther hears that Derek and Wendy are now married and becomes extremely jealous, perhaps plotting revenge...?

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