Part four begins with Floyd dumping Maci and threatening to call the police on her. Maci then leaves town. When Max hears that Gregg told Floyd he is upset, he then asks Gregg who he cares about more, him or Floyd. Gregg doesn't know what to say and he and Max decide to separate for a while. Max moves out. Derek and Wendy are in absolute bliss, however, Wendy is depressed that Esther will always be in their lives as she is Alton's mother. Gladys and Blane have a discussion about their future. Blane stands firm with his ideal to not have children (other than Rupert as a step-son). Gladys tells him she would like to maybe have one more. Blane tells her to see where they're at later.

Kendra and Andre are at their wits end with Elsie, who continues to dis-respect them. Kendra then calls Agnes and asks why Elsie left in the first place. Agnes reveals that she has re-married to Ambrose Charles. Elsie was upset with Agnes re-marrying and ran away. Kendra then talks to Elsie who appologizes for all she did. Kendra then tells her she needs to go back and work on her relationship with her mother, Agnes. Kendra and Andre say their goodbyes to her and then embrace their now perfect life. Esther continues to wedge her way between Derek and Wendy and constantly flaunts the fact that Derek and she have a child together in front of Wendy.

May and Jonah meet up to have a "session" but she is shocked when Jonah ends their affair and tells her that he has begun dating someone and he thinks it is serious. May then returns home to Kline and Karina. The next day at a political event it is revealed that Jonah is dating Maci, who never really left town. Floyd tells Gregg that they should warn the Mayor. However, Gregg witholds and tells him he can't as he doesn't want to lose Max. Floyd then leaves and the wo begin a feud. Derek then asks Wendy if she knows Jonah, she tells him she has never met him. derek doesn't believe her but lets it go. Then Kendra goes into labor and heads off to the hospital where she delivers a girl. They aptly decide to name her Gal.

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