part three begins with Wendy and Derek spending the day together with Alton. His divorce with Esher is finalized and he begins a new chapter in his life, with Wendy. Gladys and Blane fall in love and she asks him to move in, he agrees. Blane and Rupert get along well finally giving Gladys some happiness in life. Gillian considers just divorcing her husband and not telling him shes pregnant. She is then visited by May who tells her to tell Raj.

Gregg asks Max why everytime his sister's wedding comes up he gets sour. Max then reveals to Gregg that Maci has been engaged multiple times before but days before the actual wedding she takes her fiance's for all their worth and then splits town. The only reason he doesn't turn her in is because she's his sister. Gregg then tells Max that they must warn Floyd. Gillian considers May's advice but decides not to take it. She decides to remain married to Raj while he's away but not tell him she's pregnant.

Kendra's pregnancy goes well. She and Andre then begin re-decorating their home and putting together a nursery. Gllian then reveals tot the town that she is also pregnant and a joint shower is thrown. Floyd is shocked by Gillian's pregnancy. The two then share an awkward moment. Gladys remembers when she was pregnant with Rupert and longs for the expierence again but is shocked when Blane tells her he never wants children. Gregg then tells Floyd abour Maci.

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