The fifth set opens up five years later. Rupert is now living with Gladys, his mother. May and Kline are still married and raising Karina who is now a child. Kendra and Andre have re-married and are raising Guy who will soon become a teenager. Derek and Esther are still married and caring for Alton. Wendy left town after Derek chose Esther over her, she has yet to return. Gregg and Max are still together raising Neve. Gladys is single and hating it. Norma is still alive and Marnie, along with Rupert are coming to the end of their teenage years. Agnes and Elsie did leave, but once Elsie became a teenager she came back to town to live with Kendra, Andre and Guy. Kendra then discovers that she is pregnant for a second time.

Floyd and Gillian never got married and have broken up. Gillian is no where to be seen. However, Floyd during the leap had begun a romance with Max's sister, Maci and the two are now engaged. A new mayor has just been appointed in Ribbon Heights, Jonah Weller. He suffers under scrutiny as he is single and has no children. It is revealed that he and May have embarked in an affair. Gladys has made her way into the group as one of the core friends. Derek reveals to Floyd that he is un-happy in his marriage to Esther but stays because of Alton. Kendra and Andre are excited about her pregnancy. Kline then tells May he would like another baby, she tells him that Karina and Rupert will have to do.

Gregg, along with Kendra suspect that Jonah has alterior motive for Ribbon Heights as he begins to give open lots for homes away to more businesses. Wendy then returns to Ribbon Heights. She is upset when she sees that Derek is still with Esther but she tells him that she has officially moved on with her life and is now a world renowned doctor and loving being single, she then sees Jonah and looks shocked. What could be the status of their relationship? By this time all of the main characters have gone from young adults to adults.

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