The finale begins with Vlad telling Kendra that he and Ruth did have a thing years ago but he loves her now. Wendy continues to push Derek to choose between her and Esther, whois still at large. Floyd and Gillian don't know if they should become engaged again or not. Maci decides to stay in Ribbon Heights and crashes with Gregg and Max, making their home crowded. Agnes makes an announcement that she and Elsie will be leaving town, but will be back from time to time.

Gladys hears about Basil followng Rupert on his and Marnie;s date and goes to see if he is all right. Then May locks her in their home and demands she reveals her secret and why she is so interested in Rupert. Gladys agrees and reveales her secret. She was married to Basil, buthe was abusive and left him. She then fell in love and re-married. She divorced him so he woud remain safe from Basil. However, he died anyway in a fire, set by Basil.

Gladys then tells May that she had a child with her second ex-husband, a son. She then reveals her second ex-husband to be Kelvin Urschel, Kline's brother. Making Rupert her son. She heard that Rupert was staying with Kline here and she moved here to see Rupert, but Basil followed. Just then a small fire starts in the kitchen and the believe it is set by Basil. They all make it out all right. Basil is then taken away and Gladys's ecret is out and she reunites with Rupert.

Derek then decides he wants to be with Wendy and tells her he is going to seek a divorce from Esther, when Esther re-appears. However, she isn't alone. Esther has had a child while away a son, Alton. She reveals that the child is Derek's. She left when she saw Derek and Wendy kissing and said she needed time to sort things out but that she wants them to be a family. Derek is then torn between Wendy and Esther.

Floyd and Gillian decide to get re-engaged. Kendra then shows up and tells her friends that Vlad has died due ot his old age. The set ends with the friends all at odd places int heir lives. Set 5 will open five years later...

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