Part seven starts with Kendra and Vlad Color telling everyone that they have married. Ruth is apalled and Andre appears heartbroken and jealous. Her friends are, for the most part, happy for her. Derek has yet to actually make a decision yet. He considers the pros canc ons of each relationship. Gregg and Max take extra precautions to make sure the appear as loving and caring parents out of fear that a social worker is watching over them. Gladys and Floyd's brief reconciliation comes to an end when she ends it, so that Basil won't tell everyone her secret and the real reason she moved back to Ribbon Heights. May's desire to know what is going on might put her family in danger.

Marnie and Rupert continue to date, but one evening Marnie notices that Basil is watching them. She becomes scared and makes Ruperrt take her home, Basil follows them. May pressures Kline and tries persistently to get him to tell her what he knoes about Gladys's past. All he tells her is that where ever she goes she leaves a trail of heartbreak and devestation. May suspects that Gladys and he had an affair years ago. Derek then arrives at Wendy's home. He then kisses her and tells her that he also still loves her but he will not divorce Esther until she returns to town, Wendy is intially mad, but embraces Derek. Gladys then confronts Basil and tells him to leave her alone, he thne threatens her, violently.

Gregg notices a woman who walks bu their home alot and suspects that it is an undercover social worker, checking on them. He becomes paranoid. Max then calls the police on the suspicious person and she goes away. Kendra begins to wonder if she has made a mistake marrying someone so much older then her, however she had indeed fallen in love with Vlad. Agnes begins dating again, she begins to see Lee! Kendra's ex-boyfriend. The friends then become excited as soon they will age into adults. May then demands that Kline tell her what he knows or she will take Karina and leave him. He relents and tells her that he has knwn Gladys for years and that she has hurt him in the past.

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