Part six starts with Floyd losing a fight with Basil. Gillian later learns that Floyd was at Gladys's and calls off their engagement and relationship. Wendy continues to grow impatient as Derek hesitates to make a decision about his relationship with her and Esther. Vlad then suprises Kendra with a marriage proposal, as Andre watches from a distance, she notices him and accepts. Gregg, catches up with his friends and regailes them with the tales of his and Max trying to deal with Neve. Kendra then hears that Andre has ened things with Jules. Norma considers dating again, Marnie tells her of her disapproval as does Floyd. Norma then becomes upset with Floyd when she hears things have ended with Gillian.

May and Kline deal with raisisng Rupert as a teenager and Karina. Now that Gladys is allowed near Rupert she begins to see him alot. Basil then begins to hang around their home as well and May becomes scared for her, Kline, Rupert and Karina's welfare. Floyd tells Gladys that he and Gillian are over. They then begin dating, again. She then tells Floyd that her second ex-husband whom she left for his safety died anyway. Basil then confronts Gladys and Floyd, he tells Gladys that she belongs to him and that if she doesn't come back to him, hell spill her secret and reason as to why she came back to Ribbon Heights. Gladys is then torn between her feelings for Floyd and her fear of Basil.

Gregg and Max then face a problem when the infant Neve is left home alone for two hours. A social worker pays them a visit and threatens to take Neve away is it happens again. Gregg and Max then begin to fight, frequently. May and Kline also begin fighting when he tells her that he doesn't want Gladys anywhere near Rupert, May then realizes that Kline must know something and tries to get him to tell, to no avail. Wendy then goes to see Derek for his decision, he tells her he needs more time. Kendra and Vlad then marry in a small ceremony at their home, with Guy as their only witness.

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