Part five begins with Derek and Gladys having dinner as Floyd watches from afar. Wendy then notices Floyd watching and asks him about it. She reveals to him that she still loves Derek, he tells her that he might be falling for Gladys, again. Wendy and Floyd then decide to break them apart and try to get Derek to get a divorce from his estranged wife, Esther. When Wendy asks Floyd if he needs her help in breaking things off with Gillian he tells her no as he still cares for her. Kendra and Vlad hit it off. Andre then moves back to Ribbon Heights with is fiancee, Jules Franch. Andre then organizes a dinner for he and Jules along with Kendra and Vlad.

Gregg and Max then welcome their newly adopted daughter, Neve, to the family. They quickly find that caring for an infant isn't all that fun. Ruth finds her daughter's romance with Vlad gross due to their age difference. After Derek and Gladys's night is over Derek is suprised when Basil is in his home. He then proceeds to threaten him if he continues to see Gladys. Derek then calls Gladys and ends their relationship. It is revealed that Wendy and Floyd tipped Basil off about Derek and Gladys. Kendra and Andre's double date goes fine. Kendra becomes concerned as Jules seems a little absent minded and she doesn't want her around Guy.

Marnie and Rupert then age from children into teenagers and Elsie becomes a child. Marnie and Rupert begin to date. Gladys then wishes Rupert a happy birthday but is yelled at by Kline, May then comes to Gladys's aid and tells her husband to back off. Wendy then decides to talk/flirt with Derek. When she arrives she tries to seduce him, he suprises her with his statement that his failed attempt at a relationship with Gladys was a sign that he needs to wait for Esther's return. Wendy then becomes upset, she then decides to profess her undying love for Derek then and there. He is stunned. They share a kiss but he tells her that he has to think about the status if his life right now. Floyd then goes to see Gladys, but arrives to see Basil shove Gladys.

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