Part two begins with the return of Agnes to Ribbon Heights she then sees Kendra to reclaim her daughter, Elsie. Much to her shock Kendra tells her no as she abandoned Elsie at the first tough time. She then forces Agnes to leave so Elsie wouldn't see her like this. Agnes tries to tell her that she just needed some time away to get things straight, however, Kendra doesn't care. With Derek still holding out hop that esther will return and their marriage will continue, Wendy decides to move-on and let go of old feelings. She begins dating Kendra's cousin Orlando. Gregg then talks to Max about the option of adopting children again. Max stands firm with his decision that they just are not ready to have a family.

Floyd and Gladys cntinue to grow closer, despite that he is seeing Gillian. Basil is then revealed to be Gladys first ex-husband. She tells Floyd that she left him because he used to get violent with her and has been following her ever since she left him. This causes them to bond more and grow even closer. However, when Floyd asks about her second ex-husband she begins to oull away from him. May then continues to question why Gladys would have such an appeal to Rupert a young boy who she has never met. She asks Kline about it and he tells her to get off the subject and let it go, May doesn't. Norma, Marnie and Steven spend as much time as they can together before his time in life comes to an end.

Gregg later runs into Floyd and tells him that he saw Him and Gladys kissing the other day. Floyd tells gregg that it was a mistake and reaffirms his love for Gillian. Gregg tells Floyd that he better, as Gillian and him havbe been through eneough and Gladys was just a teenage ex. Derek then decides to pay a visit to Ambrose, his brother-in-law, who tells him that he has no idea where Esther is, but he will do whatever he can to help find her. Agnes later appears and pleads with Kendra again to get Elsie back. Kendra tells her no again. Agnes then accuses Kendra of just holsing on to Elsie to make up for the loss of her own son. After realizing the truth in her statement, Kendra gives Elsie back to her mother.

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