Part nine begins with an old classmate of the friends returning to the neghborhood, Gladys Telfair. Kendra begins to search for Agnes, she checks all over town but gets no leads and begins to raise her sister in place of her now gone son, Guy. Wendy's jealousy of Derek and Esther's love gets the better of her making her hostile towards Derek when he asks her about it she shrugs him off and walks away. Gregg spends the day with Reno and tells her his plan of asking Max to marry/commit to him. Reno is elated by the idea but becomes sad when she realizes that Bernard and Gertrude will not be there. May and Kline then celebrate their anniversary with Rupert and Karina.

Floyd then goes to the asylum to talk to Babs Vital and ask if she actually knows Cybill De Raisx as an old friend. Gladys then runs into Gregg on the street with his mother and the two recognize each other instantly. Gregg and Gladys then catch up and he is happy to learn of her return to the neighborhood. She reveals that she has been divorced twice. She then states that she has returned to start over. Gregg then takes her to catch up with the other, except for Floyd. Gillian then begins to suspect Floyd was right when she thinks back to when she almost drowned in the pool. She then catches her mother fiddling with the stereo, when she asks her what she is doing Cybill changes the subject and runs off.

Bernard then recieves a suprise visit, from Max. Max tells Bernard that he loves his son and that he should be proud of Gregg and his bravery. Bernard is annoyed at first but then realizes that Max does love Gregg with all his heart. May is then intriduced to Gladys. Gladys then takes an interest in Rupert and plays some games with him. Wendy then goes over to Derek's and expresses her love for him. Derek is speechless, causing Wendy to leave embarassed and upset. Lee attempts to get closer to Kendra only to have her shut him out, due to hr issues. When Max returns to town, with Bernard in tow, Gregg proposes, Max accepts.

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