Part eight launches where part seven left off. Kendra, Guy and Lee share brekfast together, meaning she chose Lee over Andre. May tries to convince Wendy to tell Derek how she truly feels. Wendy considers the idea, but rejects it when she sees Derek and Esther shopping in town, happily. Max tells his Gertrude that he is gay, and like Bernard becomes disgusted and leaves almost immediatly. Reno stops and talks to her on her way out, only to have Gertrude tell her off and leave. Floyd's concern for Gillian's well being continues to escalate. Cybill cathces him stalking around their home one morning and tells him to buzz off, Gillian was at work.

May and Kline they face a difficult situation when Rupert begins to dis-respect them and tell them their not his parents and can't tell him what to do. May tries to reason with him only to have him make fun of her. Kline threatens to send him to the social worker, Rupert then begins to behave again. Andre then shows up at Kendra's and tells her he is moving, this time out of Ribbon Heights. He then tells her that he will be taking Guy with him. Kendra then has a heated argument with Andre. She tells him that she needs Guy and can't not see her own son. Esther then hears from Ambrose about he and Wendy breaking up and what he did to her. She then tells Derek and he becomes angry and confronts Ambrose.

Esther then realizes that no matter what Derek and Wendy will always love each other. However, she decides to see her marriage with Derek through, if it isn't meant to be it isn't meant to be. Gillian then approaches Floyd and tells him to leave her and her mother alone. Andre then wins the fight, takes Guy and leaves town. She is heartbroken but just hours later a distressed Agnes arrives on her doorstep. Agnes is overwhelmed with with Elsie on her own. she then leaves Elsie with Kendra and disappears.

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