Part six begins with all the friends being in shock over Derek's marriage. Steven is perhaps the most shocked by his sons behavior and tries to talk him into ending his union with Esther quickly, Derek then tells his father off and tells him that he will be with Esther for good. Gregg then goes to visit his mother and find sher making out with the sim from the grocery store, he then leaves embarassed. Ambrose then distances himself from Wendy over the initial shock of Esther marrying Derek. Kendra, decides to get in a festive mood and have a dinner party for Derek and Esther. The guest list quickly grows and the even tutrns into a party.

At the party Kendra meets, Lee Wildred, they bond as both are divorced and wind up having a phenomenal evening together. Andre watches from afar and appears upset. Wendy tries to get close to Ambrose again but just upsets him more leading to him confronting Derek, he threatens him that if he ever hurts Esther he will hurt him in return. Max then introduces Gregg to his sister, who has come to town for a visit. Gregg and Maci, Max's sister hit it off. Maci then tells Gregg that Max never told their parents that he was gay. This leads to Gregg confronting Max as he made him tell his parents which resulted in their separation. Max then promises he will tell his parents.

May and Kline celebrate the birth of Karina. May seems to have had a complete personality change after giving birth to her daughter. She no longer has the manipulative ways she one did, she seems... happy. Kendra is then suprised the next day by Lee who asks her to dinner, she accepts the offer. Derek and Esther then leave to go on their last minute honeymoon. Ambrose then rekindles with Wendy.

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