Part four begins with Floyd spying on Cybill as she is out shopping. He suspects her of ruining his relationship with Gillian. She does nothing out of the ordinary, making Floyd waste the day. Kendra and Eli fall back in love, however, Eli then realizes that he was humiliated by Kendra once and lost his best friend in the process. He then comes to the conclusion that he can't go throught hata again and tells Kendra he can't be with her. Seeing Guy would be a constant reminder that he was made a fool. He then breaks-up with Kendra again and leaves town, this time for good.

Wendy and Ambrose enjoy being with each other, Esther continues to disapprove of their relationship. It then appears that esther is brewing a plan of her own. May must juggle Rupert and her pregnancy at the same time and finds it overwhelming. She then recieves some un-expected help and advice, from Norma. Norma takes Rupert off May's hands and lets him and Marnie have a playdate, as May rests. Derek becomes depressed once again as everyone seems to have someone they love except him. He then meets someone...

Reno finds a place in town and Gregg begins to realize that his parents will probably never make-up. He does his best to convince her to go back to Bernard she then tells him that she has been miserable for years. Kendra then goes back to Derek to rekindle their affair to find him with his new "some-one." She then leaves embarassed and depressed. While on a date one night Wendy and Ambrose run into Derek and his new love, Esther...

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