Part three begins with Kendra and Eli having dinner. She appologizes for the affair and for stringing him along, he accepts and the two re-kindle their old romance. She says that her marriage to Andre was a mistake, but not Guy. Wendy tries to get closer to Ambrose but as they are about to share their first kiss, Esther intrudes on their date and once again becomes a third wheel. Gregg then gets a call from his mother who tells her son that she has separated from Bernard due to his intolerance of Gregg's sexual orientation. She decides to stay in Ribbon Heights. Norma then has lunch with Gillian and tells her something shocking, either marry Floyd, or end their relationship as she wont have her son being hurt or played with.

Steven finds the child-age Marnie a nad-full and has Derek take her off his hands for a while and the two really connect. They then see Kendra and Eli together. Kendra then ends their affair as she sees a new possibility for happiness, just not with Derek. May then recieves shocking news, Kline has become the guardian of his now deceased brother's son, Rupert. Though she likes Rupert, she tells Kline that the house will soon be too crowded as she is pregnant. Kline then vows to make their new life work, no matter what it takes. Wendy then confronts Esther and tells her that she cares for Ambrose and would never intentionally break his heart, Esther then backs off and lets Wendy and Ambrose enjoy the fruits of their relationship.

Gregg allows Reno to stay with him and Gregg until she finds a place. Gregg encourages her to re-unite with Bernard, she says she can no longer love a man who doesn't love his own son. When Andre goes to drop Guy off with Kendra he sees his former best friend, Eli, with her. There is then an awkward moment before the two men then engage in a fight, Andre wins. Kendra then rushes to Eli's aide and yells at her ex-husband. Gillian then takes a walk with Floyd where she tells him about her hostile lunch with his mother, she then tells him that Norma was right and dumps him. Floyd is upset but is more worried for Gillian as she is now alone with Cybill.

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