Part seven begins with Norma and Steven returning from their honeymoon. Kendra is seeing Wendy for an hour every other day to get her problem under control. She and Se are also working on their marriage which has also suffered due to her problem. May then goes to Gregg and tells him that she knows. Gregg begs her not to tell anyone what she saw, she agrees, so long as he helps her break Wendy and Derek up. Derek has begun to climb the ladder at the lab and is working more hours. Max (Maxwell) confronts Babs Vital and asks who she is a dn what she is doing intown. She hesitates and informs him that she and her family heard about the neighborhood and simply moved here.

Floyd and Derek welcome their parent's/step-parents back home and they all have dinner together. Floyd then tosses the idea around of him and Gillian buying a house together. Steven lends support towards the idea as does Derek but Norma loudly objects to the idea of Floyd and Gillian getting serious as she could have been his step-sister if Orson didn't die. This upsets Steven as he feels like he was Norma's second choice. Gregg then calls and meets up with Wendy. She thinks it's to talk about his secret, but really he lies to her and tells her that he saw Derek with another woman, she leaves upset and shocked to confront Derek. This means that Gregg accepted May's offer to keep his secret if he broke Derek and Wendy up.

Max then goes to see Wednesday and tells her he didn't start the fire but he believe s that Babs or her husband, Drew Vital might have started the fire, for an unknown reason. Wednesday is convinced by this and teams up with Max to solve the case. Wendy sees Derek and tells him that they are done, because she knows about his adultery, which he never committed. Wendy then leaves and doesn't reveal her source. Kendra and Andre then reunite as a happy family and bond with Guy. Norma reassures Steven that she is so happy that it was him she fell in love with and married. She then appologizes to Floyd and gives him her blessing to buy a home with Gillian.

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