Part six opens with the wedding of Norma Rebuff-Siddle and Steven Siddle. Floyd and Derek joke and poke fun at the fact that they are now step-brothers. Kendra and Andre are there with Guy, they are both worn out though. Kendra's caffinee addiction continues to escalate until she gets so buzzed at the reception that she goes off, leaving Guy alone. Guy then goes hours with no feeding. Wendy then discovers the infant and with her medical know-how makes sure he is OK. Wendy then confronts Kendra about her problem, Kendra then shoves Wendy and storms off in a fuss.

Wednesday, survived the fire and is convinced that it was arson and that Gregg's friend Max was behind the whole thing. She then tells Gregg her idea and he quickly dismisses her and breaks things off with her for good. However, Wednesday promises that she will see this through until the end. Steven and Norma dance the night away and ride off to their honey moon. Andre then takes Guy home and tells his wife that if she doesn't get the help she needs he will take their son and leave her. Kendra agrees to get help and calls Wendy up to appologize and make an appointment with her office.

Floyd and Gillian's relationship continues to suffer as he still thinks that she doesn't like him as much as she once did since she threw him out. She assures him that she loves him as much as ever. Gregg then asks Max if he set the fire at Wednesday's, he tells him no. Agnes and jack then invite everyone to Elsie's birthday party in a few weeks. May and Kline then take a long walk on the beach and see Max and Gregg and then see something shocking and are now in on the secret, giving May leverage once again to ruin the relationships of those around her.

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