Part five begins with Wednesday, spying on Gregg. Kendra has to watch Elsie for the day and realizes how difficult parenting is and begins to worry about how good of a mother she will be to her own child. May becomes upset that Derek and Wendy have made up, her need to see them iserable begins to make her relationship with Kline suffer, to the point where he yells at her. Steven takes Norma out for an elaborate evening and at the end of the of the night he proposes to her. Floyd and Gillian begin to sense distance growing between them since she made him move out. Wendy then goes to see Gregg and ask him about Maxwell but sees Wednesday spying on him and tells her to be careful as she doesn't want Gregg to get hurt.

Steven and Norma then tell Floyd and Derek the good news. Though they think it's a bad idea they appear to be happy for their respective parents. Kendra is then forced to watch Elsie again, work, and take care of the house as Andre is at work, when something happens. Just then Kendra goes into labor. Wendy then goes in to speak to Gregg when she sees something shocking. May is walking by Kendra and Andre's when she hears Kendra, she then rushes inside and offers to watch Elsie as Kendra goes to the hospital. Derek and Floyd help their paents with their wedding plans, until they hear about Kendra.

When everyone gets to the hospital it is revealed that Kendra has given birth to a boy. She and Andre name him, Guy. May then arrives with Elsie, Agnes and Jack. She and Kline then make up. Kendra and Andre embrace their newborn son. Gregg pulls Wendy aside and makes her promise to keep what she saw a secret, she agrees. Soon hell breaks out when a fire is reported, at Wednesday's house.

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