Part four begins with May going over to Dereks to make peace with him, all the while having an alterioir motive. He accepts her appologies and the two make-up. Wednesday begins to notice that Maxwell has been spending alot of time at Gregg's. When she asks him about it, he tells him that Maxwell is an old friend that moved away years ago and their just catching up. Derek, Wendt, Floyd and Gillian are all forced to attend a dinner party that Norma and Steven are throwing. The evening goes well until May and Kline show-up. Steven and Norma then pull Floyd and Derek aside and tell them that they have been considering marriage. Derek and Floyd then voice their concerns about the matter and that it would be weird for them to suddenly shift from best friends to step-brothers.

Kendra's pregnancy continues to get the better of her along with her caffinee addiction. She can't find balance between the two and her and Andre begin falling behind in paying their bills. The new family, the Vital's, consisting of Babs, her husband Drew and their daughter Marie, continue to spark interest in the gang as they seem secretive and barely ever leave their home. May then goes to see Derek the following day and attempts to seduce him again and kisses him, just as wendy enters his house, catching them. Wendy then leaves angry and upset, with Derek going after her, May smiles and walks away happily.

Floyd then tells Gillian about Steven and Norma's future plans and she tells him that she can't live with him anymore. She assures him that she wants to continue dating but them living together has happened too fast. Floyd then asks Gregg if he can stay with him, but to his suprise Gregg says NO. Derek then allows Floyd to stay with him. Derek and Wendy make-up, much to May's chargin. Wednesday then asks the other friends if they knew Maxwell as Gregg said he was an old friend who moved away and she is shocked when they say that they have no idea who he is.

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