Part two begins with Kendra going to see her new half-sister, Elsie, at her father and step-mother's home. She then deals with her pregnancy and begins vomiting in the toilet. Derek has lunch with Wendy and asks about the man she brought to Kendra and Andre's party. Wendy reveals that the sim was just a friend and that he is in fact gay. Derek is excited and tries to ask Wendy out but withholds because of second thoughts. Floyd and Derek are asked by their parents to have dinner together as Norma and Steven talk about living together meaning Floyd needs a new place to stay. Gregg asks Wednesday out, she accepts. They have a swell tie on their date which leads to her staying the night.

May probes and follows new neighbor, Kline Urschel, around town. He later confronts her about it and reveals he has known she was following him the whole time. May expects to be arrested but is instead asked out by Kline. Kendra and Andre go house shopping as theirs has no room for a child. They decide on a house that costs too much and Kendra then finds herself stressed out and relying on coffee to keep herself awake so she can write more. Derek then goes to see Wendy and gets up the courage to ask her out, she happily accepts. They then share a passionate kiss. However, May sees this from a distance and looks on, darkly.

Agnes soon finds that Jack is not so great at the parent thing as he neglects Elsie and often tells Agnes to do most of the work. Floyd asks Gillian if he can stay with her for a while, she then says he can stay with her permanently. Kendra's need to stay awake soon gets the best of her as she soon collapses on the floor of her new home. Wendy and Derek go on their first date where they run into May and Kline. may then makes the four of them have dinner, together. Gregg then goes to see Wednesday where he sees her kiss another guy.

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