In the series finale, it opens with the ceremony of Guy Sharp and Karina Urschel-Sharp, ending. The two are now married. They announce at the reception that they are still moving away and are in need of a fresh statrt, to Kendra's disappointment. Charis then hits on Alton at the wedding and it is clear there is an instant attraction between the two, however, his is real and hers is meerly fiscal. Gladys, along with Beck, notices this and tells Derek and Wendy. However, Derek tells them that Alton is grown now and he can't say anything or force him to do anything he doesn't want to anymore. So they simply sit back and allow Charis to sink her claws into the young Siddle.

At the reception Gillian goes into labor, she, Floyd and Ida then rush to the hospital where Gillian gives birth to their second daughter whom they name Iris. Hours later all the friends age. Floyd, Derek, Wendy, Kendra, Andre, Gregg, Max, Gladys, Kline, Roberta and Gillian all becomes Elders. Rupert and Marnie become adults. They then settle in as the next generation rises and takes command of Ribbon Heights. Gregg and Max, coming to terms with Neve's pregnancy, wishe her and Alton well and inform her that they can't wait to become grand-fathers. Derek and Wendy, begrudgingly, wish Alton good luck with his relationship with Charis and tells him they also can't wait to be grand-parents.

Gladys asks Beck if he still loves her now that she is grey and wrinkley, he answers by kissing her. Gillian and Floyd embrace Iris Floyd then decides to retire from politics so they can be a functional family. Kendra and Andre have one last chat with Guy trying to get him to stay. He tells them that he respects their wishes but that he needs to do this as he now his own man. Kendra then has a sudden proudness come over her as she wishes her son and new daughter-in-law well. Guy and Karina, along with Kline and Roberta then leave town. Wendy and Derek are then seen taking a romantic walk in the park. Gladys and Beck, are seen kissing in their garden. Floyd and Gillian watch as Iris sleeps in her crib. Gregg and Max cuddle on the couch. Kendra and Andre are seen having a romantic lunch.

The series ends with all the friends in good and happy places in their lives. Most importantly all of them are in love. May's ghost can be seen, looking over her friends. Certain storylines are left open for questioning.

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